Tina Rae VanSteenbergen

Tina Rae VanSteenbergen is a professional speaker and facilitator with over 9 years of badass experience working with badass women. She's a boss. She also knows it's bold to call yourself a boss in your own introduction, so here's the proof: she played the oboe for over 8 years. She ran for student government all four years of high school, and never once won. She spills food on her shirt every single time she eats or drinks something. She still knows all the words to High School Musical--all three of them. She believes in the Loch Ness Monster and thinks you should too. She loves the snow, a great nap, baseball, and her family. But mostly, she loves women. She doesn't even know most of you yet, and she already loves you. She may not take herself all that seriously, but she takes her work seriously. Tina is on a mission to help women feel less alone in the world, and she's here today to help us do just that. So, buckle up! 

Jessica Gendron 
Jessica Gendron is a leadership expert and culture strategist. As President & CEO of The Center for Leadership Excellence she has spent the last several years studying successful leaders and workplace culture.
With over 15 years of experience working in organizational consulting, leadership development, business leadership, and fraternities/sororities, Jessica is a respected speaker and thought-leader for businesses, non-profits, women’s organizations, colleges and universities, and inter/national fraternal organizations. She is the author of a new book titled “What It Takes To Shatter Glass” released March 2024. Jessica was named one of Indianapolis Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 in 2021. She earned her bachelor's degree from Eastern Illinois University and her Masters from Indiana University - Bloomington.