Kate Bay Jaramillo, Delta Tau-Temple (PA), is a Business Strategist, entrepreneur, Founder, and 3X Author. Working alongside fellow Delta Zeta sister and 8-figure entrepreneur, Kelly Roach, Kate leverages her experience in building and leading online businesses, and her certifications in Mindset, NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Timeline Therapy to help business owners scale from 0-8 figures. Kate has served Delta Zeta in several volunteer capacities throughout the years, including Collegiate Chapter Director, Regional Collegiate Director, Area Alumnae Director, and on the National Recruitment Committee. 

Kate's Program: Join us for an empowering training session brought to you by Delta Zeta Sorority sister, Kate Jaramillo (DT '00). This session is designed to transform your mindset and unleash your full potential for creating the life you desire. In this transformative workshop, we will equip you with the tools to confidently navigate conversations and leave behind the limitations of soft talk and people-pleasing.

Discover the art of effective communication as we dive deep into the realm of courageous conversations. Learn to express yourself authentically, assertively, and with unwavering confidence. Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to empowered communication that fosters understanding, connection, and positive outcomes.

Prepare to embark on a powerful visualization exercise that will guide you towards healing and letting go of past hurt. Break free from the shackles of emotional baggage and experience a profound sense of peace, happiness, and safety within yourself. By rewiring your mindset and embracing a fresh perspective, you'll unlock the potential to create a fulfilling and harmonious life.

Join us for this transformative journey, and empower yourself to navigate conversations with confidence, leave behind soft talk, and create the outcomes you truly desire. Step into a future where your voice is heard, your intentions are understood, and your happiness is paramount. Don't miss out on this life-changing opportunity with Delta Zeta Sorority.

Natalie McIntosh
, a native Floridian, graduated from Rollins College in Winter Park, FL, where she was one of the founding members of the Pi Theta chapter and their Chapter President. She is a co-owner of SPENGA Boca Raton, a boutique fitness studio that combines spin, strength training, and yoga. A lifelong runner, Natalie has always been passionate about fitness and the power of movement for both the body and mind.

Edna F. Johnston, EdS.
grew up at the Maryland School for the Deaf and comes from a large deaf family. Edna graduated from Gallaudet University and also earned a Masters degree 
in Deaf Education from McDaniel College and was a tenured faculty at Columbia College Chicago in the ASL-English Interpretation Department for 12 years.

Mariah Grippo
is with the Little Words Project (LWP), which was founded by Delta Zeta alumna, Adriana Botti Carrig, Lambda Lambda Chapter at The College of New Jersey. The  Confidence Mirror session is something Adriana created as a tiny way to take a second as you look at a mirror and be reminded of a word that you wish to see when you look at your reflection.