What is Everlasting?

Everlasting celebrates the friendship we all enjoy as members of Delta Zeta. A special sisterhood event, held in conjunction with the National Convention of the Sorority, Everlasting will provide new ways to connect and build community among Delta Zetas.

What is National Convention, and how will this one be different?

The National Convention of Delta Zeta is a chance for collegiate and alumnae delegates to come together to conduct Sorority business during the official business meetings. Traditionally, it has also included the celebration of award-winning chapters and individuals as well as leadership development opportunities. We will be doing all of that and adding new traditions with the Everlasting event.

Can a Convention delegate just attend the business meeting?

This year, the business meeting will be held in a hybrid model, allowing delegates who cannot travel to Orlando to still participate in the official business of the Sorority which includes voting on proposed Amendments to the Constitution, election of the National Council and approval of the sorority budget.

If I am in the area, can I just attend or participate in part of the events?

Yes, if you are in the Orlando area, or even virtual, you can register to attend any of the non-Convention delegate sessions, from the opening celebration dinner on Thursday night to the member development programming during the day on Saturday. A virtual option to participate in the Disney Institute is available to anyone, anywhere and is a registration option. You must be registered though, to attend in-person events.

What should I wear for each event?

  • Arrival and Departure: 
    Please arrive and depart in suitable attire because first impressions are important. Casual summer outfits are appropriate. Let's look our Delta Zeta best!  
  • Opening Session: 
    Casual summer outfits, dresses, slacks or Capri pants, but no jeans or shorts.
  • Business Meetings:  
    A dress, suit, business pantsuit or skirt and blouse. Suits with shorts are not allowed nor are jeans. Guards will be instructed to turn away anyone inappropriately dressed.
  • Initiation and Memorial Service: 
    Only white dresses, white skirts or white pants/slacks and white blouses are permitted. All clothing must be white- no ecru, off-white or winter white. White jeans and or white denim are not allowed. The trim and buttons are to be white. Any silver or gold trim, stitching, zippers or buttons are not appropriate and must be covered. Attire should be suitable for daytime wear (no shorter than fingertip length) and not be formal wear. Pants/slacks must be ankle length or longer with no colored embellishments. Purse and shoes must also be white. No jewelry is permitted except your badge and wedding, engagement or anniversary rings worn on the same finger.
  • Saturday Keynote & Pathways Fair:
    Resort casual clothes, slacks, capri pants and/or dresses would all be great options. No jeans.  
  • Closing Banquet: 
    Formal, tea length or semi-formal attire.  

*Please refrain from wearing short shorts, halter tops, strapless tops and/or crop tops.